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Passion & Poetry! Biggest Valentine Event Of The Year With Joyce Littel

1. Passion & Poetry! Biggest Valentine Event Of The Year With Joyce Littel

Atlanta's biggest broadcast host "Joyce Littel" on V-103, The People's Station is at it again. Littel Concepts LLC is giving the best Valentine gift for everyone. Poets from abroad and thousanths of supporter, connects, and fans will celebrate this night of love. "Passion & Poetry" gets down and dirty and romantic. Call in on Art Radio and show your talent
Passion & Poetry! Biggest Valentine Event Of The Year With Joyce Littel
Listen to this episode on Art Within Words!


2. Listen to this episode Featuring Kama- Toronto Hip Hop Artist aka Kamikaze.


The Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

3. The Mixture of Arts is where you'll find "Art" in all diversity of music. Groove and stay tune for exclusive ways to make money online as a hobby or as a career.
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Discover The Perfect Clickbank product To promote on Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

4. First I told you the best way to make money on the net, now groove to the diversity of music with Saytue "Sayewhat" and discover the perfect clickbank product to promote - and why. The best part about it, it's free! See How Easy It Is: http://easycbbonus.com/recruitment.php?r=580 . All spoken word artist and poetry lovers call in and spit your piece.
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Exclusive Band Geakz Mixtape Interview on Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

5. Tune in with Saytue Sayewhat with the exclusive mixtape interview with the hottest upcoming southern underground rappers Band Geakz. Download their newest mixtape "Revenge of the Geakz" at www.indy.livemixtapes.com.


Mixture of Arts Hottest Freestyle Battle with Saytue Saye

6. Get it poppin on Mixture of Arts with Saytue "Sayewhat" with some of the HOTTEST and BADDEST unheard artists. Do you have freestyle skills? Call in live at 718-664-6543 and meet your competition. Go Hard or Get Off! The hottest freestyle battle 2010


Strip Club Myths Vs. Reality on Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

7. You might say they're the ULTIMATE "target-rich environment." Where else are you literally surrounded by beautiful, nearly-naked women? Interested in learning to master the "Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction," call in at 718-664-6543 to discuss and get your copy of "Secrets of strip Club Seduction".


Old Affiliate Marketing vs. new Affiliate Marketing 2.0 With Saytue Saye

8. Internet marketing has changed compare to a couple of years ago. Get the old internet marketing techniques out your head, it's Dead! Learn the new affiliate marketing 2.0.


All About Baby Momma Drama With Saytue Saye

9. You think your baby momma is a trip? Tune in with Treluv Smith and Lydell Mercer as they trip you out with all possible things baby mommas do! Call in at 718-664-6543 and share your story or comment.


I Want My Ex Back and Fix My Broken Marriage on Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

10.  Are you screaming "I want my ex back and fix my broken marriage"? Discover the critical steps to an effective plan to getting your lover back and fixing your broken marriage! Call in at 718-664-6543 to share your story or comment. Visit Get Back My Ex Lover for a full review on "Magic of Making up" and "Mort Fertel Marriage Fitness"or instant download your copy at Magic of Making Up .
11. If you've heard the "The Hottest Freestyle Battle on Mixture of Arts", then you know Ty aka Stills go hard with his lyrical twist that definitely sound like jay Z. Listen to his first interview and experience real hip hop. Call in at 718-664-6543.
12. Ever wonder why cigarettes are legal if it can kill you? Let's talk about "weed" and legalizing it! Call in to share your comments! 718-664-6543.

Hidden Secrets Behind Successful People on Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

13. Everybody knows that the world is a lie and want us to lie about who we are and what we are truly like behind close doors. Ever wonder why successful people hide who they really are because of their role in society? Who is the world to judge what they do in their personal life to how they perform at the job? Are you a successful individual or know of someone? Call in at 718-664-6543 and share your comment/story.


Spoken Word Music Mix on Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

14. Sit back, chill, and groove to some spoken word music. All poets

call in at 718-664-6543 and spit your piece.


I Love My Hair & Willow Smith Whip My Hair Controversial on Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

15.  Will Smith and Jada Smith daughter, Willow Smith created her first song and had a video produced by Jay Z, called "Whip My Hair", inspired by sesame street writer "i love my hair" where an adorable brown muppet girl shares her love of self. The story behind the "I Love My Hair" video is a positive reinforcement and images of self. According to Examiner.com, that a white father of an African American daughter was concerned about his daughter's adulation of long, straight blonde hair. That father Joey Mazzarino happens to be the head writer of Sesame Street and a Muppeteer. He says that the lyrics of the song say what he wanted to say to his young black daughter. Call in at 718-664-6543 to share your comments! 

Helping Local Business Owners Get Found Online Using Power3Marketing with Saytue Saye

16. Are you a struggling business owner that need exposure on the net? Having your business listing in the Yellow Pages is a waste of time, simply because NOBODY uses them anymore! Paying for SEO,ads, PPC Campaigns are highly costly with no real results and companies cut the traffic to your site off once you stop paying them. With just a few hundred dollars a month, you can get an effective internet marketer that will get your business found online, using article marketing, Google maps, keyword research, a website, business directories, media and so much more! And you know what else, unlike other SEO companies, even if you stop paying, your business will forever get found, because your visbility to the world on the net is NOT controlled by the internet marketer. Call in at 718-664-6543 to share your comments or questions.


I Am Dante Roze The Hero on Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

17. What is the world without helping hands and true inspiration? Nothing can compare to someone who is touching lives of others. I know how good it feels to have someone that totally understands you and can get you in a cool, laid back, and wild type of mood when need to. What other way to discover your self than through music. If you are searching for something that will get you on your feel and start making moves, I can't think of anybody else but one of the youngest of my generation, a solo Pop/Rock/Alternative Artist name Dante Roze. This young superstar as well as an official songwriter to the stars. I must admit, when I first saw him, I thought he was just another rapper. Mannn, I was wrong! And I'm pretty sure if you've never seen him or heard him before, you probably thought the same thing, but let me assure you and take you through a journey of another side other than his appearance and do the honor of letting you get to know this unstopable super ROCK/POP star. Call in and speak to Dante Roze and share your comments at 718-776-6543

Official Patwa Trinity on Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

18. Have you ever wonder how a artist that performs reggae and hip hop could sound from an Irish, and Indian decent? Unique right. I know, and I’m probably 100% positive that you’re actually thinking “ Hmm, that does sounds crazy, but that will be HOTT!” Here, live and direct, with Saytue "Sayewhat" on Mixture of Arts, Patwa! Call in at 718-664-6543 to get a taste of this fusion and share your comments!

Why Do Men Change During Pregnancy & Fall Out Of Love on Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

19. Too often men change during pregnancy and fall out of love and their relationship. Chime in at 718-664-6543 and share your story or comment! Seriously want to know the secret to winning your ex back? Visit http://bit.ly/b3UAss

Men Attracted to Transgender & Why Straight Men Like Men on Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

20. Men attracted to transgender is something that is often hidden and hardly talked about. So, if these men are not gay, why do these men like transgender? Chime in at 718-664-6543 and share your comment or story about why do straight men like men.

Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj & Hot 97 Nicki Minaj interview about Lil Kim Beef on Mixture of Arts

21. It's true that lil kim disses nicki minaj and it's old news about lil kim talking beef with Nicki Minaj. According to PreFixMag.com," At issue is whether or not Minaj has shown enough reverence toward, or paid sufficient thanks to, Lil Kim for opening the doors of hip-hop to young, female rappers. Minaj had remained fairly quiet on the issue, choosing not to respond directly to most of Lil Kim’s snipes. Until an interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez this past weekend, when Minaj suddenly had a lot to say about Lil Kim. Such as: "She just really jumped out of the window and you got to be careful when you pick fights...I think people get me mistaken with like a real Barbie, they forget where I'm from. If I have to revert back, I can and I will. Don't play with me...I respect you and love you. I've said it in every interview, time and time again. And if that's not good enough for you mama, then it's something deep rooted in you. Something is bothering you inside -- that's your insecurity bothering you. It's not Nicki Minaj, it's any girl that's popping. She picked a fight with Foxy, then she picked a fight with Eve, then it was Miss Wallace, now it's Nicki Minaj. Every time you're in the news, you are getting at somebody. Put your music out and when I see your name on Billboard that's when I'll respond to you. Other than that. Goodbye!" Chime in at 718-664-6543 and share your comments!














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